Monday, January 03, 2011

Win a DATE with a VIXEN!

The first ever sexy and uncensored live-streamed show to hit Philippine cyberspace!

Meet the Vixens and get ready to party all night on January 29, 2011 Saturday! You DON'T wanna miss this because anything can happen (and usually does)!

Be part of the action! Register now and get exclusive invites to be a live studio audience!

Live streaming starts 9:00 PM and only limited seats are available for the live studio audience at Blue Onion. The party begins at 10:30 PM AFTER the show.

How do you get a CHANCE to EXPERIENCE the Premiere Vixens LIVE and UNCENSORED? Become part of the studio audience and watch the show live at Blue Onion? Get an EXCLUSIVE PASS for Live and Uncensored simply by following these simple mechanics!
  • "Like" the Flippish fanpage
  • Go to your favorite Vixen's official poster and "like" the photo!
  • The Vixen with the MOST "likes" will be the girl whose fans we'll be raffling off a bunch of exclusive live studio seats to.
Winners will be announced on January 25, 2011.

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