Thursday, June 10, 2010

Who KILLED Jennifer!?

It was like a mystery thriller straight from the pulps. Even the bloggers were asked to come in their best 50s attire and the venue was dressed up in a similar theme.

“When we arrived, the program has already started and I was shocked when I heard some people screaming at each other. Good thing I saw some of the bloggers I knew sitting comfortably some were even laughing so I guessed that the screaming act was actually part of the program.”

Actors from PETA were acting out a sort of court room drama about Jennifer, the supposed deceased victim, trying to find out who killed her.

Before the program ended a doctor, and I mean a real doctor, stood up and said, “I knew who killed Jennifer!”.
As the doctor started to talk, the bloggers found out that the event was all about Cervical Cancer…Jennifer’s killer.

The doctor discussed everything about the said disease including some of the actions women can do to prevent themselves from acquiring this deadly sickness. There are vaccines now available that women can take.

It was a fun, interesting event, and definitely a novel way of getting the message across about Cervical Cancer.

With photographs and reporting by Rizal Alagar.

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Gerry Alanguilan said...

There's a vaccine for cervical cancer?

Jonas Diego said...

Apparently, yeah. :)