Wednesday, May 05, 2010


All my life, I've been involved in all sorts of creative pursuits and endeavors including theater and film.

Most of the time however, I'm the guy behind the scenes (writing scripts, making music, etc.). To tell you the truth I am quite uncomfortable in front of a camera. While I don't exactly have stage fright, I know I'd rather be pulling the strings than being in the spotlight.

This year, as part of my resolution to do something new whenever opportunity presents itself, I accepted the offer to do some acting work for one of my best friend's father. I was a bit nervous admittedly but thankfully my friends were also playing other parts in the film and it made the experience more enjoyable.

We've also gained new experiences and new friends so it's definitely a win-win situation!

I have some ways to go before I can even begin to call myself an actor but I have new found respect for the people who practice the craft with passion and dedication.

I look forward to the new acting assignment that presents itself.

Check out the pictures I took of our day of shooting. Click here.

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