Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Find some GOOD stuff!

Most of the time, we tend to pay more attention to the bad than the good for the simple reason that most bad stuff tends to be more news worthy than the good stuff.

The same is true in our daily lives.

We tend to make quite a fuss over the negative things we encounter but we seem to conveniently neglect the positive. It’s no wonder that less and less people want to do the right thing nowadays: there’s no positive reinforcement and increasingly doing the right thing gets you into trouble. The bad thing about this is that, over time, we tend to accentuate the negative over the positive which severely impacts our personal outlook and happiness.

Let’s help give good a little push shall we? God knows we can all use a bit more goodness these days.

Starting today let’s all make it a point to notice something good about something or someone. Make it a point to tell the world about it via your social networks (if it’s a someone, make sure you tell that someone personally as well). Make sure to do it everyday without fail. If you can, post a little note somewhere you’re sure to see it, the words “find something good today” so you won’t forget.

If truly you can’t find one good thing to write about in a day, walk up to a total stranger, greet him/her a good day, and smile.

If you couldn’t find something good then at least you’ve done something good.

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