Thursday, December 31, 2009

A Fond Farewell to 2009

2009 was a year of ups and downs.

Some lows were lower than what we’re used to but we bounced back. We may have lost friends and loved ones but we’ve gained new ones. We might not be richer but we’re hopefully a year wiser. More than the money we earn or the accolades we collect, it’s the experiences we go through along the way that makes this journey called life worth the travel.

To those I have slighted, I ask you to forgive me. Life is too short for us to carry hate in our hearts.

To friends who have stood by me unconditionally all these years, I thank you. People frequently ask how I am able to accomplish so many things and the answer I give is always the same: friends.

I hope you spent the year risking, learning, loving, and most of all living.

I hope you’re ready to do it all again in 2010 and know that I’ll be with you every step of the way.

Happy New Year!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Why comic book creators don’t date

Dating is a social activity and like any other activity you need some practice to be good at it.

Most comic book creators (especially those that are starting out) don’t get out that much because we spend an ungodly amount of time honing our artistic skills. Since we don’t get much practice with social interaction we tend to be not too good at it making each encounter awkward for us.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

How do you know it’s a great idea?

There are times when great inspiration will suddenly descend upon us and bestow...a great idea!

How do you know if it’s the one though? Here are a few criteria that I follow in finding out whether a brain fart is worth pursuing.

It’s simple. The beauty of most great ideas lies in its simplicity. How do you know if it’s simple enough? If you can explain it in just one sentence it probably is. It might need some polishing if it takes 2-3. Four to five sentences means it needs more work.

It can be made to work. If your whole concept is reliant on anti-gravity to make it work, you’re probably going to have to wait a few years for the technology to catch up with you before you should get cracking.

It benefits people. Great ideas have the power to change the world or at the very least improve people’s lives. If your idea benefits only you, chances are it’s not so great after all.

So, had any great ideas lately?

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

How to get more PEOPLE Interested in YOU

It’s not as sordid as you might think though admittedly, you are probably going to run into a few perverts and sex fiends here and there.

The fact of the matter however is that more and more Filipinos are finding themselves joining dating sites. Some of them managed to find love, quite a few have found new friends, and there’s no reason for you to be able to do the same.

But with dozens, if not hundreds of other hopefuls, how do you increase your chances of being noticed?

Here are a few tips.

1. Add variety in your pictures
2. Watch your grammar
3. Complete your profile
4. Avoid writing in sticky caps...parang awa mo na.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

The Aftermath of the San Pablo Comics Festival

Maybe more than the wheeling, dealing, and planning that is involved is getting an event like the San Pablo Comics Festival off the ground, I enjoy the manual labor that is required on the actual event itself.

Cutting up stuff, putting things together, lifting heavy stuff, moving boxes...all of it.

When you’re doing the wheeling, dealing, and planning that is needed for the event I always feel that these things are written on air. Things can go wrong, deals might not push through, and even the best laid plans...well, let’s just say that I am on a first name basis with Murphy, the famous author of Murphy’s Law.

The manual labor makes me feel that I am actually doing something concrete and that I am actually getting something done.

But with an event like the Second San Pablo Comics Festival is definitely not a one man show.

They say that many hands make light work and that has never been truer in the San Pablo Comics Festival.

In behalf of KOMIKERO Publishing and JONASDIEGO, Inc., we would like to thank the KOMIKERO Artist Group and the GRAPHIC LITERATURE GUILD for helping out the with the promotions and preparations for the Festival

We also would like to thank our co-presentors (without whom the Festival would not have been possible) Simoun Ung, Davies Paints, and the United Architects of the Philippines (UAP), San Pablo Chapter.

The Festival would not have been complete without our dear exhibitors. Thanks are also in order to Mango Comics, UP SOMA Soshiki, Andrew Villar, Rod Espinosa, Vibal Publishing, Hazel Manzano, Guhit Pinoy, Bayan Knights, Trese, Kevin Ang, and Comic Odyssey.

Last but certainly not the least; we would like to thank everyone who came to the festival. The people who viewed the exhibit, bought comics, and celebrated a common love for Komiks. Thank you all.

Mabuhay ang Komiks!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009


There are times when we ask why we do what we do
When we doubt if we can do what we’d said we’d do
When your strength falters and your true aim misses
When your vaunted will fades and gnawing doubt rises
When all good reason has gone and so is all knowing
When all else fails it’s passion that will keep you going