Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Long Weekend

My electricity got cut off last Thursday.

Apparently the bill payment service I frequent downstairs in my condominium building neglected to pay the electric provider on time which is a bummer since I made it a point to pay at least five days in advance to avoided getting disconnected (which happened anyway).

I had a ton of stuff I needed to get done over the weekend and all of the tasks required electricity to be accomplished. What's worse was that Friday was a national holiday which meant I had to wait until Saturday until I got reconnected.

I had to suffer a day and a half without electricity.

Well, I didn't really suffer. Not really...

A funny thing happened as soon as my phone died, their last erg of energy dying away: I actually got some proper rest!

With no work to distract me I managed to accomplish some stuff that I kept putting off. I finished a good book I bought months ago that was accumulating dust in my shelf, I caught up on some much needed sleep, and basically just sat around doing nothing for once.

Obviously, power's back on and I got everything sorted at the power provider's office. I am now back on my desk working my ass off.

Switching off and dropping out, even for just a day, did me a world of good however.

You guys should try it sometime.

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