Tuesday, June 16, 2009

The Boob Tube?

I haven’t regularly watched television for more than seven years now.

People find this a strange thing and I wonder about it myself sometimes.

It all started out when I moved to Manila from Los Banos, Laguna to work in the corporate sector. I didn’t have enough money from my meager salary to spare to buy a television much less for a cable subscription which pretty much explains why I didn’t catch much TV shows back then.

Today is another story altogether however.

I got several things going all at once (business-wise) giving me a comfortable financial leeway yet I still don’t watch TV. In fact, the television I got at home is hooked up to a PS2 unit. Mind you I do get a peek at the ole boob tube (oooh...boob) every now and then whenever I visit my mom in the province.

Aside from that however, my life is mostly bereft of television.

I get all my home entertainment online.

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