Wednesday, February 25, 2009

The Palito Interview

Remember my post about Palito and how he's now working as a performer in a Casino Filipino outlet?

It seems Dennis Villegas has a more extensive interview about the man in his blog.
"In his heyday, Palito was one of the Top 10 Comedians of the Philippines, and he became a multi-millionaire. But like many of his past fellow artists, Palito was not a shrewd businessman. Art and business do not seem to mix well together. Money he put into investments was soon gone and his savings depleted. One by one he sold his properties, and now he was almost living in poverty, doing little stage shows that earned only enough for his daily meals. Yet despite his current situation, people still see him as Palito the movie star, and every time he walks in downtown Manila for his stage show in Avenida, people waved at him and call him "idol"."
Check the full article here!

This is not the first time I've heard of former stars of yesteryear who have fallen on hard times and have taken to performing at casinos. I guess it's a chance for them to reclaim their past glory and to earn a bit of money while they're at it.

Kinda makes me wonder what will happen to them as the internet casino becomes more prevalent people stop frequenting these kinds of establishments.

But then again, that's probably not going to be happening anytime soon...

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