Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Komikero at the San Pablo Cocofest

I dropped by San Pablo, Laguna yesterday to partake in the festivities for the
2009 Cocofest with fellow Komikeros Gerry Alanguilan and Johnny Danganan.

Gerry and Johnny hanging around while I buy some ice cream.
Yes, I know it was frikkin' cold but I wanted ice cream, dammit!

Like children we found the highest vantage point we could and climb the
walls to get a better view of the street dancers...except Gerry, of course.
What? And ruin his Armani Exchange shirt!? way!

I'm not as limber as I was when I was younger but I
can still scramble up a wall when the occasion calls for it.

After spending the day watching the festivities we made the journey to
Fat Larrie's for dinner and inuman which is always interesting when
you're with the Komikeros...and this session was no exception.

Gerry looks emo!

It was just unfortunate that I forgot to bring a jacket
because it was very, VERY cold! I kid you not!

But of course we're still going to camwhore a bit while we froze our nuts off.

And if I'm snapping pics, Gerry's not to be outdone by a guy with a
camera phone when he's got his ultra slick and ultra slim IXUS.


Click on the thumbnails for a bigger picture. Hope you guys can join us the next time!

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