Thursday, November 13, 2008

Tide You Over

Everybody falls on hard times every now and then.

With the current global recession the number of people experiencing financial problems is most probably higher than usual. Its most probably not anything major, just a shortage of cash for your day to day expenses or maybe an unexpected emergency that really threw a monkey wrench into the machine work that is your budget.

There's always your good old reliable savings of course but what if you've already blew it on something else last month or you need a bit more than what is currently there?

There is always the payday loans option.

It's the very thing you need to tide you over until the next sweldo without costing you an arm and a leg.

Working for Yourself!

A few of my friends have been playing with the idea of maybe setting up a business.

They're first time businessmen and don't have a lot of experience on setting one up so I suggested that it might be easier if they just try franchising one and rack up valuable experience while earning money at the same time. They originally balked at the idea because the first thing that came into their minds was that the franchise fee is going to be astronomical.

But it's not necessarily always the case.

True, franchising one of the big business brands out there would probably range anywhere from Php 500,000.00 to several millions but there are also affordable choices out there.

Checking out the Philippine Franchise Information site, I found that there are several options that ranges from lows of Php 10,000.00 to highs of Php 30,000.00. These would be the sushi balls, siomai stand, and the likes type of business. While they will not earn you millions (maybe not immediately anyway) they usually guarantee a steady stream of income provided it's located in an are with a generous amount of foot traffic.

Even the franchise that costs about Php 30,000.00 won't hurt so much on the wallet if you got a few partners coming in with you. If that fails you can always avail of a cash advance to get you started.

The returns are definitely worth more than if your money is just wasting away in a bank somewhere.

AXE Dark Temptation Bloggers Event

It was certainly a night to remember as nine bloggers, armed with lab coats and AXE Dark Temptation (of course!) participated in the AXE Dark Temptation Blogger's Event.

We toured three of the Metro's hottest dance clubs: Ascend in Boni High Street, Fiamma in Makati, and Alchemy in Pasig. The objective? To get as many girls' numbers using wit, charm, and AXE Dark Temptation.

Sige na nga...isama na natin ang good looks. He he he!

I actually thought that we were going to start up slow but the bloggers were off and running at full throttle from the get go. Boy, was I ever wrong!

Marcelle won the night with 50 number and contact details.

Marcelle insists that Fritz had it better because he actually got a response from one of the girls he approached during the course of the night.

Ronald Guanzon was a scant four numbers away from a tie with Marcelle.

We, the organizing team, were in the background most of the time...but that didn't mean we didn't have some fun ourselves. It is a party after all!

Me with Sebastien, President of Yellowasp / Netbooster

Me with KS, our Art Director

Me with Valerie, our Event Organizer

Well, everyone had fun, come to think of it!

My only regret was that I never got the chance to get a certain girl's number being so busy helping keep things running smoothly.

Oh, well. Maybe next time, eh?

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

AXE Dark Temptation Viral Videos

Now it can finally be told.

I've been working with Yellowasp and Netbooster for the past 3-4 weeks conceptualizing the online viral marketing campaign for the Philippine launch of Dark Temptation, the new fragrance of AXE for UNILEVER...and, let me tell you, it has been one hell of a ride.

Working closely with the clients I came up with four concepts and storyboards for the viral videos.

Each video featured a mad professor (played by Jaime Fabregas) and his geeky and hapless assistant (played by Ramon Bautista) who tested out the potency of Dark Temptation on four different locations (a laboratory, an all girl school, a choir practice, and a dance club). The videos were directed by Henri de Lorme, producer and director of Camera Cafe.

Click here to watch the videos.

Working with the uber talented cast, not to mention the bevy of beautiful and sexy women, has been been exhilarating. I was really honored to have worked side by side with Henri who not only has been faithful to my vision but has made it a hundred times better.

Over the next few days, I will tell you the stories of how this project developed: from the videos, the blogger event, and the contest which could win some lucky person out there a trip for two to Las Vegas, Nevada.

For now though, like a proud father showing off his babies (which in lots of ways is true), let me all direct you to the website and enjoin you to watch the videos that sprang from my head.