Sunday, September 21, 2008

Clubbing in Miami

During a business trip to Miami back in 2006 I got treated to a taste of the night life in Miami.

We went to this posh club beside this fantastic restaurant and it was full of beautiful people (well, most of the women anyway).

One thing I noticed was that most of the young (and I assume) eligible young men seems to be alone and nursing their drinks in one corner of the club wearing dour expressions.

The majority of the women were with older men.

I’m not talking about 40-50s kind of men. These old geezers looked like they were in their 60s at the very least. One thing going for them however is that they looked to be very successful and very rich.

And they had at least two women on their sides.

These women looked like they had everything fixed. The most prominent, of course, were their chests which look like had enough silicone to supply a dozen computer’s motherboard.

The geezers weren’t even dancing.

They were just sitting there, sipping their drinks, and watching their girls dancing in front of them.

One guy even had his girls do a girl on girl action right in front of everyone.

I guess in this town money really does talk.

But then again doesn’t it everywhere?

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