Sunday, July 20, 2008

Will you STOP Jostling my Seat!?

I caught the last full show of The Dark Knight at WalterMart last night to avoid the crowds.

This mall, being somewhat out of the way as opposed to others like say Greenbelt or Glorietta, means that the density of the movie going crowd (even for movies as wildly popular as The Dark Knight) is almost always within my admittedly low tolerance level.

I don’t like crowds.

Anyway, I thought I had it good that night. I had a good dinner, reserved seating, and a nice cinema to enjoy a very good movie. There was one snag to my enjoyment however and that was the guy who kept bumping my seat’s back rest.

It appears that he was reclining really low and thus his knees were in contact with my back rest.

It wouldn’t really have been a bother if it was just the occasional bump or two but no.

It was like a bump happening every five minutes and shakes every ten.

At first I tried to give him the ole makuha-ka-sa-tingin look (twice actually) but apparently the gesture is lost on him. An hour into the movie and I was still experiencing the bumps so I decided to ask politely if he could stop jostling my seat and he did…for about 10 minutes.

At this point I raised my voice a little and asked him to stop.

He did and no jostling occurred for the rest of the screening though it did lessen my movie experience somewhat. At least it wasn’t as bad as being seated next to people who talk too loud while doing running a blow by blow narrative of the movie. And let’s not forget of course people who refuse to turn off their cellphones and hold marathon conversation during screenings.

Most of the time, I prefer to wait for good movies to come out on DVD but there are just some masterpieces that you have to watch on the big screen.

It’s just unfortunate that you have to watch it with people like these.

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