Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Pimples was something I thought I won't have to worry about once I pass puberty.

Apparently I was wrong.

Back then at least I could blame raging hormones for my acne. Nowadays it's most probably bad hygiene. Worst of all however is that they have to pop out on my nose.

Of course it doesn't occur with the same frequency like it did when I was a teenager (t was practically clock work!). I get a zit once a month, give or take a few, these days.

It's still a major downer though. Gahd!


Gerry Alanguilan said...

How about that huge big ass black pimple you got there? It's been there well... a while. Years I think. It's so huge it's like a life form on its own. That's gonna need some hardcore stuff... like wood bleach #2!

Jonas Diego said...

That's my satellite. A sort of early warning device but it's outdated so I'm planning on having it removed and replaced.

Maybe a heart-shaped one this time for variety's sake. He he he! :D