Thursday, July 31, 2008

Vote for Gerry's Video

Gerry, bidjo addict that he is, recently joined the Cream-O Video Contest.

Video entries for the contest have a limit of one minute which gave Gerry quite a challenge trying to come up with something comprehensible and entertaining at the same time.

Click here to read his article about the Manila Comic-Con and the two video contest that he joined.

Click here to see the video and vote for it while you're at it.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

What the-!?

Most celebrities of note nowadays seems to have a sex scandal video to their credit (the price of popularity, I guess) and it seems like everyone else is getting on the bandwagon.

It's kind of expected really but what I wasn't expecting was a Mini-me sex scandal video.

Yes, Mini-me. Dr. Evil's (from the Austin Powers series of movies)...well, evil sidekick. The little guy, played in the second and third Austin Powers movie by Verne Troyer, has a sex scandal video too. I just learned about it last night from a friend who I thought was just pulling my leg. I ran search on YouTube just a few minutes ago and true enough, such a thing exist.

I didn't post the video here since it's easy enough to find it on the web. With that eyes!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Will you STOP Jostling my Seat!?

I caught the last full show of The Dark Knight at WalterMart last night to avoid the crowds.

This mall, being somewhat out of the way as opposed to others like say Greenbelt or Glorietta, means that the density of the movie going crowd (even for movies as wildly popular as The Dark Knight) is almost always within my admittedly low tolerance level.

I don’t like crowds.

Anyway, I thought I had it good that night. I had a good dinner, reserved seating, and a nice cinema to enjoy a very good movie. There was one snag to my enjoyment however and that was the guy who kept bumping my seat’s back rest.

It appears that he was reclining really low and thus his knees were in contact with my back rest.

It wouldn’t really have been a bother if it was just the occasional bump or two but no.

It was like a bump happening every five minutes and shakes every ten.

At first I tried to give him the ole makuha-ka-sa-tingin look (twice actually) but apparently the gesture is lost on him. An hour into the movie and I was still experiencing the bumps so I decided to ask politely if he could stop jostling my seat and he did…for about 10 minutes.

At this point I raised my voice a little and asked him to stop.

He did and no jostling occurred for the rest of the screening though it did lessen my movie experience somewhat. At least it wasn’t as bad as being seated next to people who talk too loud while doing running a blow by blow narrative of the movie. And let’s not forget of course people who refuse to turn off their cellphones and hold marathon conversation during screenings.

Most of the time, I prefer to wait for good movies to come out on DVD but there are just some masterpieces that you have to watch on the big screen.

It’s just unfortunate that you have to watch it with people like these.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Saturday, July 12, 2008

The Medium

I dabble in prose from time to time with horror as my preferred genre.

Recently, I decided to start a blog to showcase my work so far as a writer and maybe find a bigger audience for my stories. I named the blog Katatakutan and here's an excerpt from my first featured story, The Medium.
It’s half past midnight and he’s almost through his third pack of cigarettes of the day. He finally gets a light going enough for him to light his last stick of Marlboro. His nerves calm somewhat as the nicotine hits his system.

The place only contributes to the sense of unease that Ferds tries to bottle up.
Click here to read the entire story if you're into horror.

Thursday, July 10, 2008


Last night I witnessed one of the most awful things I've seen in my whole life.

A friend and I was walking to Greenbelt to join a couple of other people for some late night drinks and a smoke. We both already downed a bottle of beer and were in jolly spirits and was looking forward to capping the night off in the company of good friends.

It was about 12 midnight and there was quite a few people on the streets: some taxi drivers, random pedestrians, and a mother and a child standing in the middle of the road waiting to cross.

We were about half a block away from Greenbelt coming from Gamboa Street when a black Toyota Camry came speeding down Paseo de Roxas and hits the mother and child.

Even from that distance we could hear the dull thud created by the impact of the car hitting a human body.

The vehicle was going so fast that it took at least two car lengths before it could grind to a halt.

The mother was dazed. Blood trickled down her right forehead while she looked around for her daughter. A wail tore through the night when she caught sight of her child lying unconscious in the pavement about 8-10 feet away from her. She rushed over and took her kid in her arms and was hysterically talking to her baby, trying to get her to wake up.

A guy came out of the car and ushered mother and child into his vehicle. He got back in and sped off, I assume, to take them to the nearest hospital.

All this happened in the span of less than a minute.

When the car hit that child all I could think of was that my son is only just about a year or so older than that kid. I was on auto pilot, half running to the scene of the accident. I wasn't even sure what I was going to do when I got there. My friend had her cell phone out and was about to dial for help.

It was a good thing that the guy in the car stopped, got down, and helped the two. It was the least he could do after what happened, driving so fast on an inner city street but then again some people would just have easily sped off and not looked back.

In a flash it was all over.

When the Camry hit the two it was like time suddenly slowed to a crawl. When they took off, time started up again and everything went back to normal.

You wouldn't have been able to tell that something terrible happened there a few scant seconds ago.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008


Pimples was something I thought I won't have to worry about once I pass puberty.

Apparently I was wrong.

Back then at least I could blame raging hormones for my acne. Nowadays it's most probably bad hygiene. Worst of all however is that they have to pop out on my nose.

Of course it doesn't occur with the same frequency like it did when I was a teenager (t was practically clock work!). I get a zit once a month, give or take a few, these days.

It's still a major downer though. Gahd!

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Good Old Gerry

It's always great seeing Gerry especially during Komikero meetings.

It's one of those rare times where we have the chance to let our hair down, so to speak (something which we have increasingly have little of as time goes by).

During his experimentations with video, Gerry has evolved this online character which is something akin to a caricature of his real personality. It makes for great entertainment and it kinda reminds me of some of Rex Navarette's comedy routines.

Check out this snapshot.

It's Gerry in character hamming it up for the camera.

Friday, July 04, 2008

Komikero Meeting

I'm headed south to San Pablo, Laguna this coming Sunday to attend a long overdue Komikero Meeting.

Haven't seen the guys for a while so I am absolutely giddy with anticipation.

I am also in serious need of some recharging so I am looking forward to a real good drawing, gabbing, and eating session. Photograph on the left is by Rene Enriquez who I hope is also going because we haven't seen him for ages now.

For those Komikeros who are going, see you people there!

Thursday, July 03, 2008

Why I Resigned from IAS Manila

I recently came across the following from a friend's blog...
Obviously, you don’t know half the story of what really happened in IAS-Manila dude. You only heard what Jonas has to say, you wanna know the whole truth? He might have told you about why he got "fired" (yes, fired by the CEO himself) about stealing company money and stuff. But that’s not the whole picture buddy. He got fired because of "misuse of company resources". He created a conflicting Creative Studio inside IAS without letting the CEO and some people inside IAS Manila knowing anything about it. This is just the tip of the iceberg man. You should ask the people in IAS the whole story and know the whole truth before you go threatening people...ayt???

P.S. I know Jonas is a good man, a great friend. I don’t question that. But I won’t let anyone damage the truth and bad-mouth the people who only wants fairness amongst the company.
Let me first answer this point by point then I’m going to go over this in general. Before I begin however, let me say this: apparently you don't know most of the story yourself, anonymous.

He might have told you about why he got "fired" (yes, fired by the CEO himself)

I was not fired, I RESIGNED. I talked to Scott Ownbey, IAS CEO, earlier and he said “I was pretty clear that you left to pursue other ventures”. I was given clearance and given a clean sheet by the man himself going as far as being provided with a very nice letter of recommendation (thanks, man).

We remain close buddies.

I chatted him up on YM after encountering the above comment and told him that I plan to clear this out in my blog to which he said “sure”.

On the day that I left he went as far as verbally assuring the IAS Manila staff in a general meeting that ALL of the MONEY that was channeled through IAS Manila was accounted for with not a single cent out of place. This FACT is supported by the US Head Accountant, the Manila Accountant, and by an annual independent audit.

I have the books to prove it.

I’ve gone as far as using my own money when remittances get delayed during the early days of IAS Manila to tide the studio over. A lot of the folks who was with us from the beginning know this.

He created a conflicting Creative Studio inside IAS without letting the CEO and some people inside IAS Manila knowing anything about it.

Scott knows about my pseudo studio (at least it was a pseudo studio back then) and I’ve never hidden this from any of the IAS Manila people. He knows my rationale for that studio and so does the others.

I’ve given him full disclosure about everything and then some.

The General

Of course, I can explain until I’m blue in the face but the reality of it is that people will always think what they want to think even if presented with evidence saying otherwise.

I guess I’m guilty until proven innocent.

I resigned because I was accused of stealing from the very studio that I set up by the people who I thought of as my friends rather than just my employees. I have always been lenient, open, and put everyone else concerns ahead of mine.

I am far from a perfect manager but I can say that I have done my absolute best.

Rather than have others think that I continue to stay on because of my cushy job and admittedly hefty salary I left because I though that was the most honorable thing I can do given the situation. That and I can’t possibly work in an environment that fosters that kind of sentiments towards me.

Yes, call me balat-sibuyas but I happen to like having fun at work.

I considered taking legal action against some people because accusing someone of stealing without having proof is considered slander and is actionable but we were friends once.

That has got to count for something at least in my book.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Zoning Out

Zoning out or, more commonly known as staring into space, has always been a habit of mine especially when I was very young.

It's quite interesting for me to know that I still do it intermittently nowadays.

Unlike some meditation techniques however that focus on a single object I tend to get lost in the bigger picture. Kinda like looking at everything all at once and not focus on anything. I seem to have no preference, whether it's a soothing countryside scene or an urban environment (though admittedly I feel more recharged in the country).

I'd like to think of it as a sort of quickie meditation, my way of retreating into my own little world and finding peace in the middle of a busy day. So if you come across me staring out into nothing one of these days it means I'm not really zoning out...

I'm meditating.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008

All Work and no Play

This is what happens when you forgo your me-time.

I'm not burnt out...not yet anyway, but I can't seem to summon the drive to draw (and with an impending deadline that's a really bad thing). When I push myself to take pencil to paper it's so much harder to produce fluid strokes. Often times I have to go over the linework with my trusty eraser just to go over it again until I get the desired effect.

I think I'm going to head out later, maybe watch a movie, and just be plain unproductive even for just a few hours. Hopefully, I'll get my groove back and be back on track by the time I get home.