Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Garlic Boy

Saw this in a convention center during my trip to Korea.

One look at it and several things go through my head at the same time. One being "it looks like a very fun movie to watch" and the other being "it's like Boy Bawang...the movie".

Of course, if you even suggest the concept of a Boy Bawang movie here, chances are it won't be taken seriously...if at all.

Anyway, this made me realize that we Filipinos are sitting on a virtual mountain of original ideas but we never really take advantage of it. We either try to put it down or stick to the tried and tested formula which usually means the same old boring thing we've seen over and over again.

Just take a look at our movies and you'll know what I mean. Sometimes it makes me wonder if piracy is really the culprit why our movie industry is in the doldrums or is it the lack of compelling material.

If there's one thing I know, it's that original content is the future.


speak in doodles said...

I think the Filipino fantasy series are imaginative and creative...Garlic Boy can rock my breath at a time^^

Jonas Diego said...

Just to clarify, Garlic Boy is not Filipino but yes, I agree that Filipinos are imaginative and creative. :)