Sunday, February 17, 2008

So Far So Good

The battle to reclaim part of an average week is well underway.

One of the things that I’ve instituted is a self-imposed edict not to go to work during the weekend unless it is absolutely necessary. At the most, I check up on the office online via Instant Messages and phone calls. Also, I made it a point to not to stay too long at the office unless I am absolutely needed.

This is all part of my effort to get a life outside of work.

I’ve gotten back into drawing and making comics again, I’m sleeping longer now, and my over-all stress level has gone down.

I am experiencing a bit of a withdrawal syndrome though but nothing really major. I expect I’ll get used to my new schedule soon enough. It’s akin to the worries most parents experience leaving their children in school alone for the first time, I suppose.

As soon as I am fully adjusted I am going to take my first vacation in two years.

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