Monday, January 21, 2008

Gerry's Birthday Bash

Friends from both the comic book and non-comic book world gather to celebrate Gerry Alanguilan's 40th birthday.

The usual suspects from the Komikero Gang included Edgar Tadeo (with Anne in tow), Henry Anima (with a brand spanking new Nikon D40), Rene Enriquez (with his rubber chicken keychain), Johnny Danganan (who gave anyone who'd let him a sample of his inner dance massage), Sara Macandili (who couldn't stop laughing at Johnny...who, in her defense, really is quite funny), Edjie (ano na nga bang epilyido mo ngayong may asawa ka na?), and myself.

It was also great seeing Christine Layusa, Ilyn's good friend, whom I haven't seen in ages! 'Day, nasa Makati na ako ngayon...puwede na tayo gumimik! It was also great seeing Leinil Yu and Noel Lim who I usually only see during events and the likes.

Gerry's parents were also very warm and accommodating. Salamat po sa masasarap na pagkain.

And to Gerry...if your birthday celebration was any indication, I'd say you're off to a good start!

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