Wednesday, September 12, 2007

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graphicdetailzombies.gifGRAPHIC DETAIL: Zombies
Zombies appear out of nowhere and over-run the metropolis. Chaos ensues as Stephen and Samantha try to figure out what’s happening and find a way to stop it before it’s too late.

ang-huling-laban-logo.gifAng Huling Laban (Book 1)
The last survivor of a tribe wiped out by invading barbarians with strange shadow-like powers return to exact revenge on the monsters that killed his family.

tbojlogo.gif The Book of John (Book 1)
What’s an angel to do when he’s banished from Heaven and rejected by Hell? Follow the adventures of John as he seeks to redeem himself and, one day, return home.

frustrated-inc-logo-avatar.gifFrustrated, Inc. (Book 1)
Think that the world of art is not exciting? Think again! Follow Mina as she enters the rough and tumble world of advertising with some of the most colorful characters.

blade-parody.gif GRAPHIC DETAIL: Blade Parody
What if Blade, the daywalker bane of all vampires, suddenly finds himself in the virtual reality world of the Matrix? All I can say is, “better watch out, Mr. Anderson”.

agirlsstory.gif A Girl’s Story
One story that I thought I’d never write and one that I fervently hope that I never have to write again. One of my most popular webcomics…if not the most popular.

frustrated-inc-logo-book2-avatar.gif Frustrated, Inc. (Book 2)
Mina manages to get her foot in the door (so to speak) but she managed to piss off her supervisor on her first day which could mean that she’s not going to be staying very long…

young-arthur-logo.gifYoung Arthur (Book 1)
A re-telling of the Legend of Arthur Pendragon before he became a legend. Sorta like the Star Wars prequel only much, much worse. Hey, at least Jar-jar Binks isn’t in this story.

graphic-detail-stalkers.gifGRAPHIC DETAIL: Stalkers
It’s another run of that mindless comic strip we’ve come to know and love (or hate) called GRAPHIC DETAIL and this time it’s going to be all about cosplayers and stalkers!

lotus-logo.gif Lotus Assassin
A two-page test for a webcomic idea I had before but never really panned out though I may still decide to do something with it later. One never knows with these things, after all!

girl-friday-logo.gif The Girl Friday
My first attempt in writing a romance themed webcomic so be warned. I threw in a bit of comedy in there but cheesiness may (and will most probably) ensue!

realitysuckslogo.gif Reality Sucks
One of my earliest attempt at making a comic book. I made it back when I was in my second year of college in UPLB. It’s about a dirty dream I had. ‘Nuff said!

flashback.gifGRAPHIC DETAIL: Flashback
Re-publishing online two old favorite GRAPHIC DETAIL strips of mine. One is about customer service and the other was an actual conversation I had via SMS.

buhay-kartunista.gif Buhay Kartunista
Quite literally means, “The Life of a Cartoonist”. Loosely based on some artist friends experiences (and my own, of course) as poor struggling cartoonists trying to make it.

sally.gifLong Tall Sally
Is a 4-page vampire story I drew (back when I was still trying to ape Adam Hughes style) and wrote. This is the first time I tried my hand at using poetry as a narrative device.

dylan.jpg Dylan Liwanag: The Mag:net Gig!
Dylan Liwanag is a 5-man band composed of people from IAS Manila, Inc. This 3-page webcomic is a photo-comic made from pictures we took during our first gig at Mag:net Bar in Katipunan.

ftd.gifFrom the Dead
A hard-boiled detective, a beautiful damsel in distress, and blood-sucking vampires. Three of my most favorite things and what better way to pay tribute to them than by making a comic book with all three in it?

iasmanila.gifIAS Komikon 2006
Another photocomic I culled together from IAS Manila, Inc.’s photograph stock from our stint at the Second Philippine Comic Book Convention back in 2006 or more affectionately known as the KOMIKON.

tbojanimated.gifThe Book of John: Animated Style
I’ve been playing with the idea of re-drawing the entire comic using my animated style but this idea have met some strong opposition from those who have gotten used to the realistic style I used in rendering the original.

insomnia-logo.gif Insomnia
Insomnia is actually a one page story I originally made for a friend’s thesis. The story attracted the attention of a UK-based publisher who liked it enough to include it in an anthology they were putting together.

flashback.gif GRAPHIC DETAIL: Flashback
One of the earliest GRAPHIC DETAIL strips I made about a hentai VCD that mutated a computer, featuring the earliest incarnation of Stephen and Samantha.

pirate.gif A Pirate’s Life
A drawing I made last year for a pitch for a raunchy pirate-themed webcomics to take advantage of the general interest in all things pirates back then.

diuata.gif Diuata
Another unfinished webcomic (or, as I term it nowadays, work in progress) about Diuatas which are the Filipino equivalent of fairies.

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