Sunday, June 24, 2007


I was going through my my ShortStat counter's referrer tracking when I chanced upon one of the referring site's domain name: Comiquero.

My curiosity piqued, I visited the site, half-expecting buddy Gerry Alanguilan to be somehow involved in this (he's not, by the way). Instead, I find that The Blurb has apparently merited a mention in one of the articles. I'm not really sure what it says because the blog is in Spanish.

Here's the article.
Usualmente, cuando entramos a un webcomic, solemos encontrar una sola temática, con líneas bien establecidas y tramas delimitadas. Jonas Diego, dibujante filipino, no quiso ponerse trabas, por lo que en The Blurb aborda no uno ,sino seis comics distintos, que van desde la fantasía hasta historias más realistas, todas ellas muy entretenidas. Es recomendable darte una vuelta, y te pasamos un tip: aunque algunos diálogos vienen en tagalog, encontrarás la traducción en la misma página.
You can read it here. I think they're saying good stuff about The Blurb...I hope. I ran it through Alta Vista's Babel Fish to be sure and this is what I got:
Usually, when we entered webcomic, usually we find single thematic, with lines affluent established and plots delimited. Jonas Diego, Philippine sketcher, did not want to put ties, reason why in The Blurb it approaches not one, but six comics different, that go from the fantasy to more realistic histories, all of them very entertained. Darte is recommendable a return, and we passed tip to you: although some dialogues come in tagalog, you will find the translation in the same page.
I would like to thank the guy/s behind Comiquero for the kind words.

Muchas gracias! I am much honored.

These are my webcomics!



Gerry Alanguilan said...

comiquero... wow, that was weird!

Jonas Diego said...

Gerry, akala ko nga nung una sa yo. He he he! :D

Hector said...

Thanks for paid us a visit. We find your webcomic recently and we find it good an worth to a mention. I hope that you can visit us more frecuently, even if our language isn't the best way to comunicate with you. If this make you feel better, my tagalog is even worse

Jonas Diego said...

Hector: Will do and thanks for visiting! :)